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Use Floor Trusses to Save Time & Money!

When it comes to installing the structural support for floors, several options are available. Until recently, dimensional wood joists have been the go-to solution. That has changed, however, as two superior options have become widely available. Both I-joists and floor trusses offer distinct advantages over traditional wood joists. Lee Lumber stocks both trusses and I-joists from leading manufacturers in an effort to meet the myriad needs of its Chicago customers.

Truss Benefits

Floor trusses, unlike joists, are manufactured off-site according to the exact requirements of a specific project. Open-web floor trusses have a greater capability for carrying loads and can span greater lengths than traditional dimensional lumber. They also provide open areas for wiring, plumbing, and ductwork and thus do not have to be modified in the field. Floor trusses are both easier and faster to install than joists or I-joists.

Unlike joists, trusses should not be altered in any way once fabricated because they are designed to precisely match the loadbearing needs of a particular floor. All floor trusses are reviewed by a structural engineer to ensure that they meet both code requirements and a job site requirements.

I-Joist Benefits

screenshot-2016-10-21-10-53-16I-joists provide enhanced flexibility for on-site modification. Whereas trusses cannot be altered in any way, I-joists can be cut and altered in specific ways to allow for changes in plans that occur after the fact. Because I-joists are not custom fabricated for every job, there is no need to wait for design and production to be completed prior to shipping. For the most part, lumber yards can stock these items for immediate purchase. Though I-joists can span greater distances than traditional dimensional lumber, they are not quite as versatile as floor trusses. Learn More About I-Joist Floor Systems Here.


Accurate Housing Systemsscreenshot-2016-10-21-10-44-31

Accurate Housing Systems is a leading manufacturer of wood floor trusses. The company’s open web trusses provide lots of room for plumbing, electrical, and ducting to be run. They also offer a large surface area for attaching sheathing and are stiffer than traditional dimensional lumber. Accurate Housing Systems will custom design different depths of floor trusses to meet specific needs and can alter both stiffness and strength to meet requirements such as cantilever floors, additional bearings, and special designs. Learn More About Wood Floor Trusses Here.

Okaw Truss, Inc.screenshot-2016-10-21-10-46-00

Okaw Truss manufactures The System 42 floor truss system, which provides longer, stronger clear spans and greater design flexibility in locating bearing walls, columns, and partitions. Okaw floor trusses provide a wide 3 ½ inches of surface area to attach subfloor material to. Learn More About Long Span Trusses Here.

Trim Joistscreenshot-2016-10-21-10-54-55

TrimJoist® is a unique product that blends together open web floor truss and trimmable I-joist construction in an effort to bring the best features of each to the job site. TrimJoists® consist of an open web floor truss in the center with I-joist construction on either end. This allows one or both ends to be trimmed on the job site. The net result is the increased strength that floor trusses provide without the need to custom design every solution. This mass-production approach helps to keep costs low. Learn More About TrimJoists® Here.