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Plywood & OSB for Floors, Roofs and Walls

Plywood and oriented strand board (OSB) are wood structural building material made by compressing and gluing pieces of wood together. These two products appear similar and are generally interchangeable, but do have differences that imbue them with unique strengths and weaknesses. According to the Engineered Wood Association (now part of the APA), OSB is just as strong as plywood and the two are generally interchangeable. Both are rated for temporary exposure to weather, have equivalent nail withdrawal resistances, and are installed using the same methods and construction practices.  

 Up to $900  Rebates Plywood

Plywood is constructed from thin sheets of veneer that are made by peeling a spinning log. The sheets are cross-laminated and glued together in a hot press, with each layer being positioned perpendicular to the one before it. The finished product is always made of an odd number of layers so that the sheet is balanced which reduces warping. Both plywood and OSB are rated Exposure 1 for temporary exposure to weather; however there are many different grades and thicknesses available depending upon its intended use.


OSB is manufactured from heat-cured adhesives and rectangular pieces of wood strands that are arranged in cross oriented layers. The boards are produced in large, continuous pieces that are then cut to standard dimensions. OSB is a very solid product of consistent quality and has fewer voids or gaps than plywood. The combination of wood and adhesives create a strong, dimensionally stable panel that resists deflection, delamination and warping. OSB is now the most popular sheathing and sub-flooring material in the United States. Estimates place its market share at roughly 75%, mostly as a result of its lower cost.

The APA Mark of Quality

The American Plywood Association (APA) places its trademark on products manufactured by APA member mills. This mark signifies that the panel quality is subject to verification through an APA audit system, a procedure that ensures that manufacturers conform to APA performance standards. APA-certified plywood is of the highest quality.  

ZIP System Up to $900  Rebates

ZIP System is a sheathing and tape structural system with a built in energy-efficient barrier that keeps moisture out and reduces air leakage. The system is designed to streamline weatherization and prevent the need for things like felt and housewrap. ZIP System reduces a two-man job to a one-man job and installs roughly 40% quicker than other solutions. ZIP System consists of a moisture resistant barrier over OSB in combination with tape for seams. The product is vapor permeable so that water vapor can pass through. ZIP System is made by Huber.  Learn More About Zip System Here

AdvanTech Flooring & Sheeting

AdvanTech is a moisture-resistant sub-floor produced by Huber. The product is engineered to provide a high-strength, moisture-resistant, easy-to-install flooring system that is stiff and quiet. AdvanTech flooring offers enhanced fastener holding power to keep floors flat and is manufactured with a patented fastening guide to allow for easier installation. It has been ranked number one in quality every year for more than a decade and comes with an unmatched 500-day no-sanding guarantee. Learn More About Advantech Here