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Roof Trusses are a Labor-Saving Engineered Framing Component Up to $900  Rebates

Trusses provide the structural framework for roofs. They are designed to bridge the space above a room and offer increased support when compared to rafters. In the past, trusses were custom built on site. Today, prefabricated trusses allow projects to be completed faster and increase both safety and strength of the end product. Over the years, Lee Lumber has built strong relationships with a few of the leading roof truss manufacturers so that it can provide outstanding components to its customers at exceptional prices.

Why Use Prefabricated Trusses?

There are a number of reasons to choose prefabricated roof trusses. Chief among those reasons, is the exceptional strength-to-weight ratio that prefabricated trusses provide. Because trusses are engineered using computer aided design, they can provide maximum support with minimum weight and material. The net result is that prefabricated trusses can provide additional freedom to builders looking to maximize indoor space or improve visual aesthetics.

Other reasons to use prefabricated trusses include their versatility, large surface area for attaching sheathing, and the fact that they save time on job sites. Engineered trusses also tend to have fewer squeaks and less movement than standard joists.

Accurate Housing Systems

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Accurate House Systems is a leading manufacturer of roof trusses, floor trusses, and wall panels. The company is well regarded for its out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to designing trusses as well as for its competitive pricing and reliable delivery services. Accurate House Systems goes out of its way to ensure that its computer-aided manufacturing eliminates as much waste as possible and thus provides both cost savings and environmental benefit. The company also takes pride in working closely with local building departments to ensure that its computer-designed trusses can be easily inspected and are fully compliant with local code.

Okaw Truss Inc.

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Okaw Truss, Inc. was established in Illinois in 1976 and has worked to build a reputation as a competitive fabricator open-web roof and floor trusses. The company supplies commercial, residential, and agricultural industries using the latest technology combined with traditionally trained craftsmen. Recently, Okaw Truss added the capacity to fabricate light-gauge steel trusses to better serve multi-family, light-commercial, and industrial customers.

Okaw wood trusses can be manufactured to fit nearly any architectural design. The company uses Alpine engineering software to design trusses that fit the individual needs of specific builders. The company also takes care to ensure that all of its trusses meet local building codes and are of consistent quality. Wood trusses from Okaw Truss are lightweight, easy to install, and require no field cutting or trimming.