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Wood Fire-Rated Doors In Stock

wood fire rated doorsWood fire rated doors are required by the city of Chicago and other municipalities in certain applications—the most obvious example is unit entry doors in common area hallways of multi-unit buildings are required to have a 90-minute fire rating (known as a “B label” door). If the entry door to an apartment unit has been kicked in by the fire department or the city of Chicago is preparing to fine your building for fire code violations waiting weeks for a special order fire rated door is not going to work for you. That’s why Lee Lumber is market leader in Chicago in providing fire rated doors. We have one of the largest inventories of in stock fire doors in the Chicago area, and more importantly, we are one of a very select few companies that is licensed to machine both wood and metal fire doors. What does this mean for your project? It means that a door that you thought would take 4-5 weeks to order may take a week or less from Lee Lumber as we have the door in stock and can machine the door to your specific lock and hinge locations. And Lee Lumber can do more than just provide your door, frame and hardware, we can help you navigate the confusing rules surrounding fire doors. Not sure what fire rating is needed for stairwell to hallway opening or the opening to the garage from the building? Does your door require a closer or will spring hinges suffice? Does your door need to have panic hardware in case of fire? Whatever your question is, we can help you answer it and get you the right product quickly so that you can pass your inspection.

strek-o-logoStrek-O Brand Fire Doors

We stock Strek-O brand fire doors a higher quality brand of fire doors independently owned and manufactured in nearby Wisconsin. Our fire doors have matching wood edges and high quality veneers that take paint and stain well.

Hollow Metal Doors

Updated-CecoDoor-logo Lee Lumber has Ceco hollow metal doors and frames in stock. Just as Ceco is the worldwide leader in providing commercial doors for construction projects, Lee Lumber is the leading provider of commercial doors in Chicago. Lee Lumber keeps doors in stock ranging in size from 2’0” all the way up to 4’0” wide in 6’8”, 7’0” and 8’0” heights. Because Lee Lumber is has a welding shop onsite and is licensed to machine metal doors, we can machine those doors to your specific hinge and lock specifications so that in many cases you can get a door in a week that might take another 4-5 weeks to order. We also can provide knock down drywall frames or welded masonry frames from in stock inventory. Whatever application you may come across in commercial building, school, hospital, or residential building we can provide the right door and frame with the right hardware to fit your needs.

Licensed, Fire-rated Door Machining

Lee Lumber is licensed to machine both wood and metal fire doors. This means that Lee Lumber can machine fire doors for hinges and locks as well as modify sizes and install door lites (within manufacturer tolerances) and can apply metal fire labels to those doors. The question is, what does this mean for your project?

Builder’s Hardware

It’s easy enough to find cabinet pulls and common hinges for typical applications at any home center, but finding commercial hardware, heavy-duty hardware, panic hardware, electronic strikes, and other specialty hardware can be difficult. Lee Lumber knows what contractors and builders require for commercial, door installation projects and keeps a number of these hardware options on hand at all times. Any product that just happens not to be in stock can be ordered and shipped quickly so that contractors can move forward in a timely manner. Lee Lumber stocks products from the following quality manufacturers.

hager_logoHager Door Hardware

Hager is a leading manufacturer of locks, door controls, exit devices, commercial hinges, roton continuous geared hinges, stainless steel continuous hinges, and sliding door hardware. The company has a legacy of quality and excellence stretching back 166 years. Hager offers warranties that range from one-year limited warranties to lifetime-limited coverage. Hager aims to be a buyer’s single source for full line door hardware. All Hager products are made in the United States.

Baldwin Door HardwareScreenshot 2016-05-05 17.48.14

Baldwin has been producing high-quality door hardware for 70 years. Buyers will find everything from residential to commercial to cabinet hardware is made by Baldwin. The company produces rim locks, keyless entry systems, and more for a variety of applications including the hospitality industry. Baldwin’s diverse product line is divided into four general categories of contemporary, traditional, rustic, and couture. The company boasts more than 500,000 different combinations of door hardware.

Emtek Commercial Builders Hardwareemtek-assa-abloy-logo

Emtek produces everything from door hinges to cabinet hardware to bath accessories. The company also produces switch plates, keyless entry systems, multipoint locking systems, and hardware for screen doors. Emtek’s philosophy is the door hardware is more than just a way to open, close, and secure a space. The company believes that door hardware is an integral part of any room’s design theme. Every Emtek order is custom assembled in the company’s Southern California facility, so there is no predetermined combination of knobs, levers, rosettes, and finishes. Customers are free to mix and match according to their own tastes.

Screenshot 2016-05-05 17.52.25Von Duprin Builders Hardware

Von Duprin, a subsidiary or Allegion, manufactures hardware solutions for commercial real estate, education, government, healthcare, and electronic access control solutions. Von Duprin touch bars, crossbars, and recessed exit devices are among the most popular exit solution used on commercial doors.

Dorma Door ControlsScreenshot 2016-05-05 17.54.32

Dorma is a leading manufacturer of premium access solutions that provide security, safety, and convenience. Dorma offers door controls, automatic door operators, low energy operators, automatic sliding and ICU doors for hospital applications, manual sliding door systems, revolving doors, and a variety of architectural pulls and handles.

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Interior Doors

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