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Laminate Countertops

Decorative laminate is the most popular option for countertop surfaces. Fifty years ago, laminate was the “cool” alternative to linoleum, but it quickly fell out of style as granite, marble, and engineered stone became more popular. Today, laminate countertops are more advanced than ever and offer customized, upscale designs that are both durable and affordable.

In Stock Options

Lee Lumber stocks the most popular patterns and colors of Post-Formed plastic laminates in lengths of up to 12 feet. Any in-stock laminate can be trimmed to length and end caps can be applied. Lee Lumber will also cut out holes for sinks and miter corners. With a little help from Lee Lumber, it is possible to get a great-looking, economical kitchen counter in just a couple of days.

Special-Order Options

For buyers interested in less common patterns or large sizes, Lee Lumber can order custom tops in thousands of different patterns and from many manufacturers. Options include Formica, Wilson Art, Pionite, and Hartson-Kennedy just to name a few.

It isn’t just the laminate itself that can be special ordered either. Today’s laminate can be accessorized with a number of different finishing options including a myriad of edge patterns. An increasingly popular option is contrast edging, which includes such finishing touches as stainless steel, marble, wood, and even plastic.

The Benefits of Laminate

Beyond being the most affordable of the countertop options, laminate offers a number of advantages over both engineered and natural stone. Laminate is the most sanitary countertop option because it’s non-porous surface resin does not support mold or bacterial growth. Many experts argue that laminate is the healthiest countertop option on the market because it is virtually impervious to water and thus to bacterial penetration and colonization.

Laminate is easy to clean and is unlikely to be damaged by acidic foods or common kitchen items that can stain. It is tough enough to stand up to knife edges and other kitchen utensils when used properly. Laminate is one of the most durable countertop options available and requires the least maintenance. Modern laminates are often made with some percentage of recycled material and with woods that are harvested sustainably. About the only thing laminate doesn’t deal well with is heat, so use a trivet for hot pots and pans.

Another major benefit of laminate is its ability to mimic others surface. In fact, laminate can be fabricated in an unlimited selection of colors, patterns, and textures. While many people who purchase laminate look to mimic granite or other natural stone, others look for more exotic options like feathers, water, leather, butcher blocks, rusted metal, and even abstract designs. Laminate is the most versatile of the countertop options.