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Porch Columns

HB&G has been producing porch products for almost 140 years. The company was among the first to offer fiberglass columns and continues to lead the industry in the development of high-quality synthetic porch columns. HB&G offers several different column options including PermaCast® round and square columns as well as PermaSnap® Column Wrap.

PermaCast® Columns

PermaCast columns can be used as both support columns on porches or as decorative columns and come in both round and square shapes. Round columns can be fluted or plain and are available in both tapered and un-tapered solutions. Square columns can be plain or fluted and can have applied panels, recessed panels, or a craftsman style.   A multitude of decorative cap and base options, which do not alter the height of a column, are available for both round and square columns. There are nine different options for square columns and twelve options for round columns.

PermaSnap® Column Wrap

PermaSnap® is a PVC wrap that can be applied directly to a treated wood post. It is designed to be installed by one person, is low maintenance, and comes with a 25-year limited warranty. Builders simply snap on the pre-mitered panels that come in one of three different styles. They can finish off the column with several trim accessories after the Column Wrap is applied. PermaSnap® works well for posts too, with three different snap on caps for finishing.