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TimberTech Decking and Railing

TimberTech is a leading manufacturer of long-lasting, low-maintenance capped composite and wood-plastic composite decking. TimberTech has a mission no less ambitious than to become the leader of the alternative decking market. The company’s tagline is “Less Work. More Life,”  a fitting description of its easy-to-install, low-maintenance products.

TimberTech Products


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Buyers interested in TimberTech decking have their choice of two basic products: wood-plastic composite and capped composite. Wood-plastic composite is the more affordable of the two and consists of boards made by combining sawdust and plastic into a single mixture. Capped composite has a wood-plastic composite interior, but is enhanced by an exterior layer of protective polymer. This exterior layer adds strength, improved aesthetics, and resistance against stains, fading, and mold.

Wood-Plastic Composite

TimberTech offers three product lines made of wood-plastic composite. The DockSider line is the least expensive and is designed for use in public areas. It comes in two color options. TwinFinish composites offer a grooved profile for use with hidden mounting hardware and also come in two colors. The ReliaBoard line is the most expensive, but offers enhanced aesthetic details and two premium color options.

Capped Composite

Capped composite boards are more costly than wood-plastic options, but offer a variety of benefits. Capped composite products are highly resistant to fading and stains. They are also more resistant to mildew, less likely to scratch, and come in more color options.   TimberTech has three capped composite product lines. The Legacy line offers grooved profiling, enhanced texturing, and four wood-match color options. The Tropical line offers many of the same benefits as the Legacy line, but comes in four distinct tropical wood colors. The Terrain line is the most elaborate, offering the highest level of detailed gaining and texture as well as five wood-match colors. Colors for each line are as follows.

TimberTech Quality and Ecology

All TimberTech products come with a 25-year limited warranty that protects against defects in manufacturing and materials. Capped-composite products come with additional protection against fading and stains. TimberTech reclaims 99% of all of its manufacturing waste and guarantees that its products have an average of 51% recycled content.