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Trex Decking

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Trex is the world’s leading producer of composite decking and railing, and was the first company to introduce a composite wood-plastic (in 1996). Trex has since refined and improved upon its original composite to create an extensive lineup of low-maintenance, high-performance, eco-friendly products designed to make outdoor living as pleasurable as possible.

Trex Products

Trex offers a number of composite products beyond just decking material. The company makes fascia, spiral stairs, and all of the accessories needed to mount and install its products. When it comes to decking, Trex offers three different product lines, each with unique properties.


TREXMD_003788Trex Select is the company’s entry-level product. Select products have a composite core surrounded by a high-performance, full-plastic coating that extends lifespan and improves stain and mildew resistance. Select products will not splinter and are backed by a 25-year warranty. Buyers can choose from five different colors and boards that can be 1″ thick (square or grooved edges) or 2″ thick with square edges.

Trex EnhanceThe Enhance line represents the mid-tier of Trex products. Enhance composites come in just three colors, but are guaranteed not to fade and can be installed using Hideaway® fasteners. Enhance products have improved wood-grain patterns and offer enhanced strength. Buyers can chose between 1″ thick square-edge and grooved-edge boards. Only grooved-edge boards work with Hideaway® fasteners.

TREXMD_003044Trex Transcend is the company’s top-level product. It offers a no sanding, hassle-free installation, 25-year lifetime limited warranty, and a 95% recycled-content guarantee. Products in the Transcend line have a deep wood-grain pattern that mimics natural woods. These composites come in five premium tropical wood colors, five classic earth-tone colors, and two “porch” colors. Transcend products come as 1″ thick boards with either square or grooved edges or as 2″ thick boards with square edges.

Trex Quality and Ecology

Trex recycles more than 6 million pounds of plastic from bags, bottles, and jugs every year. The company partners with universities, communities, and businesses to collect plastic waste for recycling. It accepts polyethylene of all types and will pay for recyclables. The company also recycles wood waste, such as sawdust, for use in its products. All Trex residential products are covered by a 25-year limited lifetime warranty that protects against fading, stains, and manufacturing defects.