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Ceco Door is a leading manufacturer of steel doors and frames. The company offers fire-rated, windstorm-certified, and electrified doors and frames in a number of gauges and with a number of different cores (e.g. polystyrene foam, steel-stiffened, etc.).


Ceco at Lee Lumber

Lee Lumber stocks both drywall and masonry hollow metal door frames in several throat depths. Doors are also stocked in a range of sizes. With our own metal shop, we can weld, do hardware preps, install glass, and modify sizes. Further, as a licensed shop, we can machine and label both Steel and Wood fire rated doors.

Ceco Door Options

Ceco produces doors for a variety of different applications. Though government and commercial institutions, like schools and courthouses, are the primary customers for Ceco, homeowners make up an ever-increasing subset of the company’s clientele. Products that may be especially appealing to homeowners and landlords include fire-resistant doors, hurricane- and tornado-resistant products, and energy-efficient doors.

Fire-Resistant Doors

Ceco doors have fire ratings that range from 20 minutes to 3 hours when exposed to temperatures of 250 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. These doors out-perform all test criteria for physical endurance and also offer appealing security and safety benefits. Fire rated doors are also highly energy efficient.

Wind-Resistant Doors

Hurricane- and tornado-resistant products from Ceco are used in community shelters, storm shelters, schools, residential safe rooms, and as entry doors in storm-prone areas. These doors are resistant to missile penetration and meet standards like ANSI A250.13, ASTM E330/E1886/E1996, and PA201/PA202/PA203.

Energy-Efficient Doors

Ceco energy efficient doors include thermal break frames and weather-stripped frames to prevent drafts and eliminate frost build-up. Some products contain polyurethane cores for exceptional thermal resistance as well as impact resistance.

Ceco Environmental Campaigns

Ceco is committed to producing its products in the most sustainable, least wasteful, most healthy way possible. To meet these commitments, the company’s doors are made from up to 68.9% recycled steel. Most of the steel comes from old cars, with one car providing enough steel for about twenty doors. By using recycled steel, the company conserves 226 billion BTU’s of energy per year, protects nearly 8,000 trees, reduces water use by more than 1 million gallons, and reduces garbage by 640 cubic yards. The company also produces a GreenGuard line of doors, which employs the use of low VOC paints and coatings and eliminates the use of formaldehyde and phthalates.