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Fire-rated Doors

Fire-rated doors and door frames play an important role in protecting people and minimizing property damage during a fire. Though the majority of fire-rated doors are constructed of steel, it is possible for fire-rated doors to be constructed of wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and other materials. In most cases, it is the core of the door that determines whether it can resist fire or not.

Fire Door Construction

Fire doors can be made of a combination of materials including glass, gypsum, steel, wood, aluminum, and vermiculite. Both the door itself and the frame are required to meet specific guidelines of a testing agency to qualify as fire resistant. Fire-rated doors are often graded based on how long they can resist fire at a specific temperature. Common temperatures used in ratings are 250 and 450° F. Doors are often rated for 20, 30, 45, 60, 90, and 180 minutes.  

Fire resistant doors are almost always sold as pre-hung options because the door frames must include fire-resistant construction as well as seals that can protect against smoke penetration. It is interesting to note that hollow-core fire doors are often better rated than solid-core doors, though they are more expensive to manufacture.  

For individuals considering a fire-rated door, it is important to note that even the best models can be rendered useless by improper installation practices. For instance, leaving large gaps that allow air movement under the door or installing carpet that runs through the doorway can both allow fire to spread under the door and thus defeat its purpose. It is also important that fired-rated doors never be blocked open and that they are never painted. This last consideration is particularly important for home owners. A fired-rated door should be purchased with a factory-installed finish that matches a homeowner’s design considerations.  

Fire-Rated Door Manufacturers

Fire-rated doors can be purchased from:

Both Strek-O and Ceco manufacture fired-rated doors that can perform to higher specifications, such as doors that are also bullet-resistant or are lead-lined to provide protection against radiation. Ceco specializes in the production of steel doors while Strek-O produces wood fire-resistant doors.

Fire Doors at Lee Lumber

Lee Lumber is a specialist in Fire-Rated Doors. As a Warnock-Hersey licensee, we can machine doors for hardware and apply the Rated Label that the building inspector needs to see. We are a Ceco Steel Dealer and stock fire-rated, commercial doors and hollow metal frames for both interior and exterior use. We stock Wood flush fire rated doors; some pre-machined to match Ceco Frames. With both our metal and woodworking shops, we can modify sizes, weld, glaze and label.