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Lemieux Doors

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Lemieux, a Canadian company, is a leader in the production of wood stile and rail doors. The company produces five different styles of door along with their associated sidelights and transoms. Buyers can also opt for a semi-custom option based on any of Lemieux’s standard offerings.


Lemieux Specialty Doors

French Doors

Lemieux produces semi-customizable French doors for both interior and exterior applications. All French doors are produced using clamp and glaze construction that eliminates nails, staples, and unsightly blemishes. The doors are strengthened by mortise and tenon joinery.  

Le Chateau

Le Chateau collection comprises a variety of semi-customizable panel doors made of MDS panels with wood veneer. These panels are resistant to cracks and leaks that result from the thermal expansion and contraction come with solid wood. Carefully engineered stiles and rails result in a door that is lighter and thus does not require any special screws for installation. Le Chateau doors can be customized using 17 species of wood veneer as well as by selecting from stave, LVL, or Torrefied lumber cores.  


Artisan doors combine classic construction with contemporary design. Artisan doors are available for both interior and exterior applications and can be customized. They can also be customized using 17 species of wood veneer as well as by selecting from stave, LVL, or Torrefied lumber cores.  

Le Palais

Le Palais doors are Lemieux’s semi-custom line. The company allows for panels, stiles, rails, and glass in these doors to be customized from existing options to achieve greater control over the final product. These doors can also be produced in non-standard sizes.  


Lemieux Traditional Series doors are mass-produced and thus more affordable than the company’s other offerings.  Traditional doors can be paneled, louvered, and bifold. They come in a variety of standard shapes and sizes.  

Torrefied Wood and Lemieux Quality

Torrefied wood is produced using an all-natural process in which wood is heated over extended periods of time in order to reduce its tendency to rot. This thermochemical process is carried out in the absence of oxygen and helps to eliminate water and volatile chemicals from wood. Douglas Fir, Mahogany, and Poplar can all undergo this process. The result is a worry-free door that is guaranteed against warping, twisting, cupping, and rotting for twenty years.