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Marvin Doors

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Marvin is a leading producer of fully customizable windows and doors. Marvin produces only real wood doors that are made to order, one at a time, under its flagship name. The company prides itself on offering the most extensive selection of shapes, styles, sizes, and adornments in the custom door and window industry.  


About Marvin Doors

Marvin is the parent company under which three different brand names of doors and windows are sold. Under the Marvin name, scenic and patio doors are offered in real wood. Scenic doors consist of large expanses of glass with minimal framing to provide uninhibited views. They are designed to maximize light admittance and often open in multiple different ways. Only doors sold under the Marvin brand are fully customizable. Marvin’s Integrity brand offers Ultrex® and Wood-Ultrex® doors for costal applications. Ultrex® is a form of pultruded fiberglass that has superior thermal properties as well as the ability to stand up to harsh environmental conditions and high-speed impacts by debris as large as a 2 x 4 traveling at 50 feet per second. Integrity doors are considered to be semi-customizable. Marvin’s Infinity doors are designed for use in renovations. They come in Ultrex® and solid wood options. Infinity doors are semi-customizable and are available in sizes up to eight feet in height.  

Marvin Quality and Efficiency

Marvin scenic and patio doors come with a warranty that guarantees against manufacturing and materials defects for 10 years from the date of purchase on all frame materials and 20 years on all glass and seals. Additionally, Marvin wood doors can be purchased in Impact Zone 3 (wind speed up to 160 miles per hour) and 4 (wind speeds over 160 miles per hour) designations. All Marvin doors meet or exceed energy efficiency guidelines and passive house criteria as set forth by government bodies. They have similarly been branded by ENERGY STAR as “most efficient.” Marvin doors help to reduce excessive heat gain during summer and insulate against the cold in winter. For buyers looking for quality-built, energy-efficient doors with a high degree of customization, Marvin is often the brand of choice.