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Patio Doors

Patio doors fall under the broad category of exterior doors, but are often not discussed with other exterior doors because they don’t serve as entry doors in the traditional sense. In some ways, this style of doors are more akin to windows than they are to doors due to the large amount of glass they contain. Windsor, Lincoln, and Kolbe are popular patio door manufacturers that we sell.

Door Styles

Patio doors come in one of two general varieties: sliding and French. Sliding patio doors are often double-wide units in which one of the door panels slides, on a track, to allow for egress. Though often double-wide, sliding unit can actually contain multiple panels and be as large as fifty-four feet in width in some cases. Some larger sliding doors also fold as they slide and are referred to as folding patio doors.

French patio doors are more common in countries other than the United States. French doors are often more elaborate than sliding doors and are generally considered to be more glamorous. Like sliding doors, French doors tend to be double-wide. Unlike sliding doors, French patio doors are hinged and, often, both sides of the door are able to be opened.

Door Construction

Patio doors can be built of just about any material, though wood and vinyl and aluminum clad wood options are the most common. Fiberglass is valued for its resistance to the elements, impact resistance, and ability to mimic the look of genuine wood. Wood is generally reserved for use in French patio doors and large sliding/folding patio doors. Wood is often chosen for its superior aesthetics and because it is easy to use when constructing custom doors. Steel patio doors are less common than any other type.

Door Manufacturers

Marvin makes doors in wood, aluminum clad wood, and fiberglass. They are noted for quality and customization and are well rated for weather resistance. Windsor manufactures a broad range of well priced patio doors Kolbe makes wood and aluminum clad wood units. They have custom capabilities as well. Lincoln produces wood and aluminum clad wood doors. Many custom options are available. Therma-Tru is well-known for its AccuGrain fiberglass doors that mimic the appearance of wood. Upstate Doors produces custom-made sliding and bi-fold patio doors in widths up to 52 feet.

Patio Doors at Lee Lumber

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