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The Simpson door company was started in 1912 to produce handcrafted doors for every home. Today, the company still produces handcrafted interior doors as well as exterior doors using traditional stile and rail construction. Of course, technology has improved over the last century and so have Simpson’s one-of-a-kind custom doors. 


Simpson Door Options

Simpson interior and exterior doors can be constructed from any of twenty different wood species that the company regularly maintains or from any custom wood a buyer provides. These highly customizable doors are made using either solid wood or MDF and can be designed to meet the exact needs of buyers.  

Interior Doors

Simpson produces more than six hundred different styles of interior door including French, standard, and bifold doors. The company also produces paneled doors in a variety of options as well as doors both with and without glass. Interior doors can be made of solid wood or MDF and can be fire-rated. Customization options include the ability to order a custom-made door without finish to be perfectly matched to any décor once on site.  

Exterior Doors

Simpson produces ten different primary collections of exterior door for a total of just under eight hundred different options. Each collection is designed to meet a particular set of standard needs, but any door in any collection can be customized to adhere to exacting design standards. Collection names are as follows.

Concept Custom

Concept Custom doors are created from scratch to meet the exact needs of the buyer. The process starts when a buyer selects from one of Simpson’s existing collections and then modifies that design to fit his or her needs. Everything from shape and size to woodgrain, glass paneling, and finish options can be customized.  

Simpson Quality

Simpson doors are warranted from one to ten years depending on the technology used in their construction and the specific application of the door. The company also works to foster what it calls a “beyond-compliance” philosophy. This means that Simpson works to exceed all applicable environmental regulations and makes environmental considerations a priority in operating its facilities.