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Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors can do a lot for a home, particularly leading to a patio or deck. However, they do not have to be strictly for the outdoors. You can add sliding doors between rooms as well, giving an elegant feel to rooms where you entertain.

Outside Considerations

Before getting sliding glass doors for the outside, you have to take several things into consideration. If you have children and pets, you will need to add something to the glass that is at their eye level. Pets and children can get seriously injured because they do not pay as much attention (or may not understand the concept) when going between the inside and outside. The available space needs to be considerably larger than any other door type of door. Sliding glass doors have two or more large panes of glass that allow you to see outside, but that also means that a large part of the wall need to be part of the door. You will need to add seals and other draft protection to the area. Sliding glass doors let in a lot of cold and can actually help heat up your home, so you will want to make sure there are no gaps or holes that increase the heat exchange between your home and the outside.

Inside Considerations

Inside sliding glass doors tend to look considerably different than ones that lead outside. You can find different styles, some with patterns, and even some with unique frames. They are also a bit more difficult to install because you usually slide both doors instead of having a single still pane. That means you must have adequate space on both sides of the doors to open them. Most indoor versions of these require additional work because they must fit the walls, ceilings, and floor exactly. This why they are usually adjustable, so that you can fix them as needed after the installation. One of the most visually pleasing kind of door is the sliding glass door. It allows you to see what is on the other side of the door so that you can keep an eye on pets and children or enjoy the beauty of spring without exposure to the pollen. They are among the most elegant solutions to entering or exiting a home.