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Storm Doors

If you live in an area where there is regular inclement weather, you may want to consider adding storm doors to the home. Beyond helping to protect your home, they can help lower bills and make you feel safer. Just as there are several different types of storms, there are storm doors to protect your home.

The Right Storm Door for Your Climate

Most of these unique doors are designed according to the climate where the home is. If you live in a hot place, your doors will help keep the home cooler. For colder climes with snow, you will want something that locks in the heat. For places with hurricanes and strong winds, you should consider a wire or mesh that helps insulate your home but is easy to replace.

Storm Doors With Style

Storm doors don’t have to be merely functional. There are a number of rather elegant looking options that give the exterior of your home a fantastic look while keeping the inside more comfortable. There are even options that are half-length or that you can roll up so that your home is protected when you need it, but open when you don’t. From an intricate floral pattern to flames to glass paneling, you can make your home look elegant and well prepared against the elements.

Material Options

You have several options for your storm door materials. Aluminum is the most affordable, but not as strong as some of the others materials. If your primary concern is temperature control, aluminum doors should work just fine. Fiberglass is likely the most resistant to the elements. While it isn’t as durable as the next two, it won’t rust either. Galvanized steel is incredibly strong, but also more prone to rusting. Bronze is the most durable of the materials, which means it is also the most expensive. You can make it last longer than the others by varnishing it every three or four years. Storm doors can keep the temperature in your home more consistent, as well as act as a buffer during inclement weather. They can also add personality to your home’s exterior. You can even have your doors personalized so that they match the rest of your home.