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Strek-O Hollow-Core Doors

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Strek-O began producing hollow-core and stave-core doors in the 1940s. The company has since expanded its lineup to include particleboard doors, structure composite lumber cores, mineral cores, bullet-proof doors, and lead-lined doors. Strek-O offers both standard and semi-custom doors for institutional and residential settings. Strek-O specializes in the production of architectural wood veneer doors using a vertically integrated manufacturing process. While the basics of every Strek-O product line are the same, the veneers can be customized to match any design aesthetic. The company prides itself on its sustainable use of wood veneer species that range from “Anigre to Zebrawood.” Due to its vertical integration, Strek-O has some of the shortest lead times in the industry.

About Strek-O Doors

Strek-O doors are best categorized by their core materials and function because exteriors are all custom-made using a variety of wood veneers. Finish features, including glass options, are also customizable. Strek-O offerings are categorized below by function and then core material.

Standard Entry Doors

Standard doors from Strek-O can be constructed using particleboard, stave, and structural composite lumber cores. The company also offers a proprietary product called SafeCore®, which is ideal for sound insulation and fire resistance. SafeCore® is a lightweight material that comes in 45-, 60-, and 90-minute fire ratings.

Fire-Rated Doors

Strek-O offers two types of fire-rated door, mineral core and SafeCore®. Each offering comes in neutral pressure, positive pressure category A, and positive pressure category B options.  Strek-O fire doors are rated for 45, 60, and 90 minutes. Fire-rated doors can optionally contain approved glass that is also fire resistant.

Lead-Lined Doors

Lead-lined doors from Strek-O come in six different configurations, including a lead-lined, fire-resistant option. Transoms for lead-lined doors are optionally available.

Bullet-Resistant Doors

Bullet-resistant doors from Strek-O come in listed in non-listed options. Non-listed options are identical to listed options with the exception that hardware or pairing requirements do not conform to approvals. This generally occurs when hardware preparations require removal of center ballistic material and thus void the bullet protection in that location. Strek-O bullet-resistant doors also come in 20-minute fire-rated options.

Strek-O Warranty and Ecology

Strek-O doors are warranted against warping and telegraphing (show-through of stiles and rails) under a limited lifetime warranty. The only exception to this are hollow core doors, which are warranted for one year. Strek-O is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified for its use of woods from responsible sources.