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Upstate is a maker of custom and semi-custom wood doors for fire, coastal, impact, exterior, and interior applications. Upstate also makes screen and storm doors as well as bifold doors and sliding doors for exterior applications.


Exterior Doors

Upstate offers exterior doors in two basic options: Distinctive Door Solutions and Sun Dor Classics. Distinctive Door Solutions can be fully customized. Buyers are free to choose from a vast array of fine wood species that the company keeps on hand (e.g. African Mahogany, Spanish Cedar, Douglas Fir, White Oak, Honduran Mahogany) or provide a custom option of their own. Doors are made using floating panels, genuine stile and rail construction, and dowel and glue joinery. Options for paint-grade and stain-grade products abound. All doors are available in two standard thicknesses or custom thicknesses upon request.   Sun Dor Classics are considered to be semi-custom doors. Buyers have a choice of fine woods, paint- or stain-grade options, numerous profiles, and a variety of glass and hardware options. Paint-grade options are available in premium medium density fiberboard (MDF) or poplar. All Sun Dor Classics are manufactured using cope and dowel construction. Sidelights, louvers, transoms, and screens can be customized to match Sun Dor Classics doors.  

Interior Doors

Like exterior doors from Upstate, interior doors are fully customizable. Hardwood doors can be produced from Teak, Walnut, Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, African Mahogany, or Honduran Mahogany. Paint-grade doors can be produced from solid poplar or MDF. Like their exterior counterparts, interior doors are made using floating panels with cope and dowel and joinery.  

Bifold and Sliding Doors

Bifold doors from Upstate are designed to allow indoor and outdoor environments to merge. Buyers can choose from custom-made openings that can span up to 52 total feet in width. Doors are double weather sealed and can be fitted with screens for insect control.  

Security Options

Upstate also offers custom fire doors as well as impact-rated doors. Fire doors are made using FyreWerk cores and jambs and any of the interior wood species that Upstate offers for veneers. Impact doors are rated for Impact Zone 3 (winds up to 130 miles per hour) and Missile Level D applications. Impact doors can be constructed from any of the wood species that Upstate offers and are a minimum of two and one-quarter inches thick.

Upstate and Lee Lumber

When only the best will do, there is no finer door than those made by Upstate. Consult with the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Lee Lumber to learn how they and Upstate can put the finest doors in your home.