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VT Industries Architectural Wood Doors

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VT Industries is a producer of architectural wood doors and countertops. The company’s doors are custom-made and designed for enhanced fire protection, superior acoustical performance, and high-traffic applications. Though geared toward commercial applications, VT doors are used in a number of residential settings.  



VT Door Options

VT produces two main lines of door, the Artistry Collection and the Heritage Collection. The Artistry collection features intricate wood inlays, is produced in five different basic styles, and can be fully customized. Heritage doors cannot be customized to the extent that Artistry doors can be customized, but do come in eight different styles.  

Artistry Doors

Artistry’s flush wood veneer options provide contemporary looks while the stile and rail options offers more traditional designs. Fire-rated doors come in 20- to 90-minute ratings and can be based on any Artistry design. Customers are free to choose from one of VT’s specialty veneers or to custom-design a door from scratch. The use of inlayed laminate means that there are limitless possibilities for design and wood combinations.  

Heritage Doors

Heritage flush wood veneer and high pressure decorative laminate (HPDL) doors are available in hundreds of options and can be constructed from a wide variety of woods. Other customization choices include traditional style and rail construction, fiber-reinforced laminate (FRL) for impact and stain resistance, profiled doors for affordability, fire-rated doors, acoustical doors, and lead-lined options for hospitals and other facilities that utilize radiation.  

Architectural Panels

VT also offers architectural panels to complement its doors. This allows for an extension of design principles to vertical and horizontal surfaces within a structure. Architectural panels are manufactured using book and balance veneer matching, sequenced panel matching, and blueprint matching.  

VT Sustainability

VT is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, GREENGUARD certified, uses no added urea-formaldehyde products, and uses low volatile organic compounds (VOCs) wherever applicable. VT doors are eligible for LEED credits in terms of energy efficiency, recycled content, use of regional materials, use of rapidly renewable materials, low-emitting materials, and use of certified wood.