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Woodport Custom Wood Doors

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Woodport, located in Wisconsin’s North Woods, is a manufacturer of custom wood doors. The company prides itself on offering the fastest turnaround times in the industry and on the fact that all of its products are made in America. Woodport doors are 100% wood.  


Woodport Door Options

Woodport makes both interior doors as well as exterior doors using 16 varieties of wood for standard designs and more than 40 total species for custom options. Buyers have the choice of softwoods, hardwoods, and composites (e.g. MDF) for interior doors and hardwoods or softwoods for exterior doors.  

While all Woodport doors are fully customizable, Woodport interior doors come in six basic construction styles that can be customized as required. Flat wood panel doors and raised wood panel doors are both made using traditional methods. French doors, louvered doors, bifold doors, and café doors combine traditional construction with modern features. Café doors are set on swinging hinges and can be designed as half-doors to allow for separation between rooms (e.g. kitchens, bar spaces, etc.) without seclusion.

 Woodport also categorizes its doors by use. Standard categories include front, side, and closet doors. Woodport goes a step further, however, by designing specific features into doors for bedrooms, kitchens, pantries, and laundry rooms. Bedroom doors, for instance, are designed to offer enhanced privacy, while laundry room doors are design to provide function in addition to style.  

Woodport Quality

All wood port interior and exterior doors are protected by a one-year limited warranty against flaws due to workmanship or material. Interestingly, the company does not recommend the use of storm doors because they can increase heat buildup and lead to warping in solid wood doors. The company provides extensive instructions for maintenance of its doors and their finishes.  

Woodport and the Environment

Woodport solid wood doors meet California Air Resources Board requirements for formaldehyde content. They are not LEED certified. All Woodport products are made in the United States, though some materials are sourced from foreign locations (particularly exotic hardwoods).