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Kitchen Cabinets are the Heart of a Home

Kitchens serve a primary purpose of providing storage for both food and cooking utensils as well as a place to prepare meals. This means kitchens need to be both practical and functional. That said, kitchens also serve as a reflection of a homeowner’s personality and thus need to be aesthetically pleasing and customizable. When designing a kitchen, homeowners can choose from a variety of cabinetmakers and a bevy of different styles. They can also choose from a host of different materials for countertops. Stock options are the cheapest while completely custom cabinets offer the most flexibility to express personal taste. There are also semi-custom options that allow homeowners to make some design decisions without breaking the bank.

Kitchen Cabinet Choices

Names like Wood-Mode, Brookhaven, KraftMaid, MerillatKitchen Craft, and Echelon have come to signify quality craftsmanship and beautiful design aesthetics. Brands like Wood-Mode offer fine custom cabinetry suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, libraries, studies, and entertainment centers. Brookhaven and Kitchen Craft brands, offer semi-custom cabinetry in more contemporary stylings. Homecrest, which is also a semi-custom cabinetmaker, produces a standard range of cabinets that can be modified by homebuyers. This keeps prices down while still allowing for design choices. Echelon produces only a standard range of options, allowing the company to provide the most economical products on the market and solutions that are perfect for apartments and multi-unit projects.

Designing a Dream KitchenWood Mode

Every homeowner wants an exceptional kitchen. Getting that dream kitchen can be more affordable than most people think. With the vast array of cabinet and counter top choices available to the modern buyer, it is easier than ever to balance budget with design. The first step to building a dream kitchen is to learn about the available options and price points in the industry. From there, the sky really is the limit.

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