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Wood Mode

Wood-Mode Kitchen Cabinets

Wood-Mode makes fully custom cabinets and prides itself on the fact that it does not offer a catalog to limit choices. Buyers interested in unique details, rare woods, custom millwork, and other specialty options will not be disappointed by Wood-Mode’s level of commitment to delivering precisely what its customers want and need. For more than seventy years, Wood-Mode has produced superior quality cabinets in fashion-forward designs and with an unwavering concern for the environment. Learn More About Wood Mode Fine Custom Cabinetry Here

Kitchen Cabinet Customization Options

Cabinet options at Wood-Mode are almost limitless. Customers can choose from more than 200 different door styles, a multitude of wood selections, dozens of different finishes, and a horde of architectural elements. If the pre-existing options aren’t enough, the Wood-Mode will custom-design a product to meet the customer’s needs. Construction features and functional requirements are also fully customizable.

Wood-Mode Options:

Top Craftsmanship

Custom cabinets can mean one guy working in his garage or a local company with a fine facility. It often means that the doors are subbed-out to a mass producer and virtually always means the finish can be as little as one coat of spray or as much as 3 coats with some hand rubbing. If the homeowner were to replace an appliance in several years, would this company be available to provide the same door style and match the finish? What about warranty? Wood-Mode will reproduce any door style that it has ever made and will match the finish even if it has changed over time. Wood-Mode’s furniture finish is 12 steps or more and cannot be equaled in a garage or small shop. The wise owners of Wood-Mode kitchens are always proud to tell their friends that “It’s Wood-Mode” knowing that means even more than saying “it’s custom”. Real estate agents know that including “Wood-Mode kitchen” in the listing makes the home more desirable.

Wood-Mode’s state-of-the-art facility is located in Pennsylvania and staffed by skilled American craftsmen. Even though Wood-Mode utilizes some of the most advanced cabinet making technology available, the company still relies on the discerning eye and skilled hands of genuine human cabinetmakers to ensure quality. The company strives to be the benchmark for the cabinet industry and takes pride in the quality of product it produces.   Every step of Wood-Mode’s construction process takes place in a single factory in Central Pennsylvania where lumber is hand-selected, seasoned, and kiln dried using the highest standards for furniture production. Every cabinet is finished, hand-assembled, and individually inspected for quality before being wrapped and shipped by professional furniture carriers. The company is so concerned about quality that it has its own fleet of trucks and assumes responsibility for the condition of its products from inception to delivery. A lifetime warranty protects all Wood-Mode cabinets.

Wood-Mode Environmental PolicyWood Mode

Wood-Mode is certified by the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers’ Association (KCMA) as meeting high standards of environmental stewardship as set forth in the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP). This means that Wood-Mode works to promote the sustainable harvesting of trees and other natural resources, protects land and water quality, utilizes energy-efficient technologies, and is generally responsible with regards to the environment in its day-to-day business practices.

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