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Mouldings & Millwork

In-Stock Mouldings

Mouldings & millwork can completely change the decor and appearance of a room. Lee Lumber maintains a huge inventory of well over 100 molding patterns so that buyers can find just the right option to suit their decor and design. Of course, if an option isn’t in the inventory, Lee Lumber can custom fabricate or custom order mouldings and millwork.   Buyers are free to choose from in-stock patterns made of solid Poplar, finger-jointed and primed Pine, Medium Density Fiberboard, and Red Oak. In-stock mouldings & millwork are the most affordable way to update a room, add elegance to a space, or add the finishing touches to any remodel.

Special-Order Mouldings and Trim

If Lee Lumber doesn’t stock a particular molding or is unable, for whatever reason, to provide a custom run molding, we can order from any of a huge list of mouldings & millwork made using a broad range of materials in order to deliver just what a customer needs. This option is particularly appealing to people looking to match new woodwork to existing millwork patterns or wood species. Special-order options can include rounded tops, arched trim in any pattern, and flexible trim to go around curves. Lee Lumber can also modify special-order options to provide the finest level of tuning.

Window Sashes

The window sash is the movable part of a window and is made up of vertical and horizontal framing pieces that hold the glass. Lee Lumber has long been recognized as the ultimate one-stop shop for replacement window sashes in the Chicago area. Whether they are thick or thin, contain bent glass or arched glass, or need to match some historic element, Lee Lumber is up to the task of repairing or replacing any window sash. Not only have we produced replacement windows for Marshall Field Garden Apartments and numerous homes in the Mid-North Historic District, we’ve made replacement sashes for national historic buildings like the Monadnock Building, Fisher Building, the Auditorium Theatre Building, and countless other historic Chicago bungalows. We have even made church windows.

Lee Lumber can replace an entire sash or only replace individual rotted components. We can repair just one sash of a double-hung window or we can replace both the top and the bottom with insulating glass and more sophisticated weather-stripping. In short, Lee Lumber can handle any window sash requirement, helping builders and renovators to cut costs, match new windows to existing windows, and update historic buildings to provide energy efficiency while maintaining the look, feel, and construction methods of the period.

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