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When we say that we will design your kitchen, that’s exactly what we mean. We don’t ask for measurements and then use a computer program to fill the walls with cabinets. We ask lots of questions so we can learn what you like about your existing kitchen and what you want in your new one. How often you entertain, do you want an eat-in kitchen, do you do a lot of baking are some of the questions we will ask beyond the simple are you right or left handed.

Our designers will combine visual features with functionality to create the kitchen you want within your budget.

After consultations, preliminary selections and sketches we will progress to field measurements and scale drawings. We will require a design retainer that is a non-taxable deduction against your cabinetry order. Rather than the few minutes to just line up cabinets, your designer may spend 10, 20 or more hours working all of your requests into a design that is uniquely created for your home.

So when we say design, we mean it!








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