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Windows Give Us a Clear View Outside

Residential windows or commercial windows can be one of the most attractive features of any structure. They provide a view of the outdoors, let in natural light, provide ventilation, and allow energy from the sun to enter in the winter. Good windows can improve not only a home’s appearance, but also increase its value substantially, and (according to the EPA) increase energy efficiency by as much as 25%.

Over the years, window technology has improved substantially. Gone are the single-pane windows of yesteryear. They have been replaced by double- and even triple-pane, high performance, low-e windows that are virtually maintenance free. Inert gases are used in some windows to prevent heat loss in colder climates, while windows in warmer climates can be coated with spectrally selective materials to reduce heat gain. Simply put, the humble window can be one of the most technologically advanced and important features of the modern home.

Homeowners in the market for new windows can choose from a number of quality manufacturers who provide a variety of fit, finish, and technological options. From pre-fabricated, low-cost windows to custom-built solutions made of exotic woods and composite materials, the window market can meet the needs of every homeowner. With all of the options available, knowing where to start can help narrow down the browsing process. In general, there are two ways to shop for windows: by manufacturer or by style.

Window Manufacturers

When shopping by manufacturer, customers can browse through offerings from:

Each manufacturer provides outstanding quality and attention to detail while bringing to the table subtle differences that appeal to different buyers. Marvin, for instance, specializes in custom-made doors and windows while Integrity Windows focuses on durability in extreme applications, such as coastal areas prone to salt and storms. Velux is singularly focused on high-performance, functional skylights.

Window Frame Construction

When shopping by style, it is useful to begin with construction materials. Buyers can choose from frames types:

The area in which a home resides as well as price, sizing, and aesthetics of the windows can all help to determine which style is best suited to a particular home. Whatever a home requires in terms of windows, there is a manufacturer that can provide the necessary components. Good windows are well worth the investment. They improved aesthetics and enhanced energy efficiency, boosting the value of a home and reducing expenditures.

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