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Buy 2 or More Marvin™ Windows   Get 10% Credit Towards TrimAluminum Clad Windows

Aluminum clad windows are produced much like vinyl clad windows, containing a core of wood that is surrounded by a corrosion resistant, low maintenance aluminum exterior. Unlike solid aluminum windows, aluminum clad windows reveal a solid wood frame to the interior of a structure and an aluminum, powder coated frame to the exterior.

Benefits of Aluminum Clad

Perhaps the biggest benefits of aluminum cladding are in historic restorations and renovations of older home. Aluminum was a popular choice before vinyl clad windows became available. Though more expensive, aluminum windows also come in a greater range of color and finish options than vinyl and generally offer more varied design choices. Aluminum tends to resist fading better than vinyl and though it has a high thermal conductivity, performs well when paired with a wood sub-frame and interior. There are two general types of aluminum cladding, extruded and rolled. Rolled aluminum cladding is generally weaker and less resistant to the elements than extruded aluminum cladding. Almost all high-end aluminum clad windows are made using extruded aluminum.

Buy 2 or More Marvin™ Windows   Get 10% Credit Towards TrimAluminum Clad Window Manufacturers

Many manufacturers, including Marvin, Kolbe, and Velux produce aluminum clad windows and skylights. Custom window makers, like Marvin and Kolbe, offer aluminum cladding because it is a desirable design option, useful in renovations and historic reconstructions, and because it is a durable material. Aluminum is generally considered a premium material. Architects and builders favor aluminum clad windows for their durability and aesthetics.