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Lincoln Windows

For nearly 70 years, Lincoln has prided itself on delivering value to the market with a wide array of products. The company uses traditional mortise and tenon joinery to create long-lasting, incredibly desirable interior and exterior aesthetics on its windows. At the same time, Lincoln offers a multitude of exterior window options, including a nearly limitless color palette, vast array of sizes, and custom shapes. Lincoln provides some of the highest-quality, traditional wood windows in the industry.

Lincoln Glass

Glass is undeniably the most important component of a window. The thicker the glass is, the more resilient a window is when it comes to stress cracks and a seal failure. For these reasons, Lincoln uses double strength glass on every product that it manufactures. In addition, the company offers a variety of glazing options to allow consumers control over the energy performance of the window and the amount of energy a window admits. All insulated glass from Lincoln is made using advanced insulated glass (IG) spacers. The first option, a foam spacer, includes a silicone form, acrylic primary seal, and 0.50 hot melt butyl secondary seal. The second option, the Endur IG spacer, utilizes a stainless steel spacer, advanced polyisobutylene primary seal, and a specially formulated secondary seal.

Revitalize Windows

The Revitalize series from Lincoln is geared toward the replacement of windows in older homes. Options for replacement windows include sash kits, pocket insert windows, and full-frame windows. Sash kits are perfect for DIY projects in simple settings while pocket insert and full-frame windows are designed for use by experienced do-it-yourselfers and professional builders. Revitalize windows are available in double-hung, casement, and awning options. They are also available in primed wood, aluminum clad, and vinyl clad exteriors. These windows are used when able to retain the existing frames and trim. This results in a less expensive installation process that can often avoid replacement and painting of both interior and exterior trim.

Beautiful Skylights

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Interior Doors

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