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Marvin Windows

Lee Lumber has been a Marvin dealer for longer than any other in the Chicago area, having sold over $100,000,000 of Marvin product to date. We have sales associates dedicated to window sales and many members of our sales team have been factory trained at the Marvin plant in Warroad, MN. Learn More About Marvin Windows Here

Every Marvin product is custom made to the exact specifications of the home and homeowner. With the goal of transforming the spirit of a room, Marvin offers a range of exclusive features, energy-efficient innovations, and personal services to help ensure that every window it produces is the perfect match for its application. Marvin boasts a history dating back to the early twentieth century as well as an extensive compendium of A-list clients and designers.

Window Quality

Marvin windows are built using only the highest quality materials. From wood to extruded aluminum and fiberglass, Marvin offers a variety of window materials to complement the style of any home and withstand the elements.

Wood Windows

Standard wood window options from Marvin include pine, cherry, fir, mahogany, vertical grain fir, and white oak. The company also offers custom options such as maple, black walnut, and western red cedar. All Marvin wood products come with a chain of custody certification to ensure that the wood, even tropical hardwood such as mahogany, has been harvested in a sustainable and ecologically friendly manner.

Aluminum Clad

Marvin’s aluminum clad windows are made using extruded, rather than roll-form aluminum (roughly 25% thicker than comparable roll-form aluminum) and are coated with the same materials used to protect high-rise buildings from the elements. As a result of their superior finish, Marvin aluminum clad windows come with a twenty-year warranty against loss of adhesion, chalking, and fading.

Ultrex_4C.gifUltrex® Fiberglass

Pultruded fiberglass is available on Marvin’s Integrity and Infinity lines. It is long lasting, strong, and essentially maintenance free. At roughly eight times the strength of vinyl and with an expansion/contraction rate that is similar to that of glass, pultruded fiberglass resists everything from extremes of temperature to wind speeds in excess of 140 mph.


EverWood looks, feels, paints, and stains like wood while offering lower maintenance. It is a great marriage between aesthetics and durability and works exceptionally well in situations where ongoing maintenance is either not possible or undesirable.


Window OptionsMarvin Windows Discount

Marvin provides custom clad and stain colors as well as unique divided lite options and the ability to choose from a variety of wood species. Buyers can customize their windows in an almost limitless number of ways to fit with their vision for the perfect home.


Marvin prides itself on being an industry leader and on setting the standards by which all windows are measured. With more than 40 patents, Marvin is considered to be one of the most innovative companies in the trade. It prides itself on paying close attention to every detail from the construction of the frame to the hardware that secures the window.

Signature Services and Customization

Marvin provides both ready-made and custom window and door options. Marvin Signature Services is the company’s custom branch where some of the best craftsman and architects in the industry work to solve tough challenges and create beautiful window solutions. From replicating intricate historic millwork to engineering modern large expanses of glass, Marvin Signature Services offers its customers the ability to create a window that fits any application.

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