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Skylights are often thought of as “windows for the roof,” but in reality are much more than that. Skylights can offer a number of functional and aesthetic advantages that windows simply cannot. They can also provide enhanced options for controlling the temperature in a room to help reduce energy expenditures and increase energy efficiency.

The Benefits of Skylights

Skylights are an excellent way to allow light into rooms in which windows will not fit, are not practical, or reduce privacy. By allowing more light into a room, skylights help to balance glare. They also help to make living spaces healthier by providing a visual connection to the exterior.   Fixed skylights do not open, but “fresh air” skylights do. Both fixed and fresh air skylights can allow increased penetration of sunlight in cooler months, helping to warm rooms and their occupants. Fresh air skylights can vent warm air during summer months and improve overall air flow in a home. Improved ventilation leads to reduced moisture content in the air, less stagnation, and better control of temperature. Fresh air skylights can even be activated, via sensors, to automatically control room conditions, respond to changes in light levels, and close during precipitation events.   Skylights can also offer enhanced privacy, even while admitting light, in places like bathrooms and bedrooms. This is particularly beneficial in urban settings where close proximity means that window blinds have to stay closed much of the day and night.

Skylight Manufacturing

Skylights are produced much like standard widows with one exception. Skylights can be either deck- or curb-mounted. This means they can be either nailed directly to the roof itself (much like a window is nailed to a home’s frame) or they can be nailed to raised curbs or ledges to provide enhanced water resistance and varied aesthetics. Deck-mounted skylights come with installed flashing to assist in their mounting whereas curb-mounted skylights do not.

Velux Skylights

Velux, which deals exclusively with skylights and accessories for them, is a billion-dollar company and global leader in skylight manufacturing. It produces some of the most advanced skylights, roof windows, and sun tunnels on the market. Velux also produces a number of accessories for skylights, such as blinds and advanced control mechanisms. Whether commercial or residential, Velux has a skylight and installation strategy to match a customer’s needs.