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Velux Skylights

Velux is the market leader in the manufacturing of skylights and roof windows. For the past 60 years, Velux has worked to identify the key components necessary for successful daylighting projects. As a result of these efforts, the company has a complete system of unmatched daylighting products available to builders, architects, merchants, and consumers throughout the United States. The company also markets a complete range of blinds, electronic accessories, solar panels, and shades to complement its skylights and roof windows.


Velux skylights come in four basic varieties: 

On electric options, a rain sensor will shut the skylight in inclement weather. All skylights come in both curb-mounted (connects to a frame that connects to the roof) and deck-mounted (connects directly to the roof) options

Roof Windows

A roof window is an outward opening window that is incorporated into the design of a roof. Roof windows tend to be larger than skylights and are good options when there is a desire to allow both light and fresh air into space. Velux roof windows come in top-hinge, center-pivot, roof access, and CABRIO designs. CABRIO roof windows open to create a small balcony, complete with railing for both aesthetic and safety reasons.

Sun Tunnels

Sun tunnels are designed for use in spaces where installing a traditional skylight would not be feasible. They bring natural light into isolated spaces through specially designed tunnels that pass from roof to ceiling. The interior component of the tunnel, called a diffuser, looks much like a traditional light fixture and acts to spread and soften the sunlight. Sun tunnels come in both flexible and rigid configurations to allow for ease and speed of installation.

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