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Vinyl Windows at Lee Lumber

Vinyl windows are made of the same material that most modern vinyl sidings are produced from. The vinyl in these windows acts as a covering over a basic wooden frame or may be the sole component of a window frame. Vinyl windows are popular because of their low price, low maintenance requirements, and because they’re easy to retrofit into older homes.

The Benefits of Vinyl Windows

The two largest benefits of vinyl windows come down to price and maintenance. Vinyl windows are the least expensive to manufacture and therefore are the least expensive for consumers to purchase. Because vinyl is generally resistant to changes in temperature, UV radiation, and environmental contaminants, it requires almost no maintenance. Additionally, because the color is an integral part of a vinyl window, there is no need for routine painting or annual maintenance. In most cases, simply wiping down a vinyl window to remove accumulated dirt and debris is all that is required. While wood windows continue to be the most ecologically friendly, vinyl windows aren’t far behind. In most cases, vinyl windows can either be repurposed or recycled when they’re no longer in use. The glass itself can be melted down, the wood substructure can be recycled or allowed to biodegrade, and the vinyl can generally be recycled to make new windows or other vinyl products.

Manufacturing of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are manufactured in much the same way as traditional wood windows. In fact, the only thing that differs between vinyl windows and other types of windows is the material used to coat the frame. Some frames are simply hollow vinyl while others are built atop a wood substructure. Hollow vinyl frames provide lower energy efficiencies than vinyl frames that are filled with wood or some other material. Additionally, vinyl frames built around a wooden substructure tend to be slightly more durable. Windsor’s Next Dimension line of vinyl windows is among the most popular in new construction as well as renovations. The windows are affordable, built with intelligent innovations like positive-pressure drainage, and meet multiple industry standards as well as nearly a dozen in-house quality tests. Next Dimension windows also come in more colors than other vinyl offerings. Windsor also produces the Legend Cellular PVC line of windows, in which a slightly different vinyl material is used to produce a more durable, lighter, rot-resistant window.